About US

About US

EL KOUBASY is a privately-owned business that is operated by Sayed Nady and Koubasy Mahmoud Combined; they brought 60-years of experience to the Juice business.

EL KOUBASY is one of the largest manufacturer of fresh-squeezed juice in Egypt We produce a full line of juices, including orange, Mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, strawberry, Guava, Mango, Kiwi, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Apricot and Carrot Juice. And whenever the highest-quality fruit is available, as we also provide high class oriental herbal beverage we offer organically certified beverage.


Obligation to Freshness, High Quality and Purity:

Unlike other companies ,EL KOUBASY controls every step of its juice production, from growing and extraction, to quality control, microbiology testing and packaging. We procure all of our fruit from the best farms in Egypt, extract the juice in our own site, and conduct quality and microbiological tests at our own onsite lab the result is a product so startlingly delicious, it's


EL KOUBASY’s Fresh & Pure products come straight from the extractor. They're absolutely fresh, with no additives, no preservatives and no pasteurization to diminish the taste or degrade the natural nutritional value.


Very few well-known brands actually sell real, fresh-squeezed juice, contrary to what their advertising might suggest. In fact, many competitors have to pasteurize or flash-pasteurize their juices to compensate for a lesser adherence to good manufacturing practices. It can extend their product’s shelf life, but it robs their juices of their fresh taste, and can reduce nutritional value.


Other companies may say their juice came straight from the fruits. But onlyEL KOUBASY delivers on that promise. In this category—the category of Fresh & Pure there's no competition.And that's the obligation to high quality and purity.


·        YEAR 2004:

 Both of the two partners with there long experience in the field of food and fruits processing established their planet on an area of 200 Sqm. Started with one shift consist of 10 well trained workers and an accountant.

·        YEAR 2006:

Due to the success of the product a need of expansion occurs, shifts extend to be 3 shifts each 8 hours total of working hours per day 24, the number of workers and employee become as follows.

1.     Workers: 45 workers.

2.     Financial department: Financial Manager and 2 Accountant.

3.     Export Manager.

4.     Sales Executive.

5.     Secretary.